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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crime Statistics in England and Wales - July 2014 Trends

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released current crime statistics which are accompanied by a short video interview with John Flatley, Head of Crime Statistics at ONS HERE. I am surprised that there hasn't been much media coverage, given that the Crime Survey has found such a large decrease in crime when compared to previous years.  

In a report issued by the ONS, Crime has fallen 14% in England and Wales. This percentage is based on the Crime Survey which is distributed to members of the public, and is different from Police Recorded Crimes. The crime survey is based on Victim reported crimes and can include crimes that have not come to the attention of police. This is the lowest estimate of crime since the survey began in 1981. The Crime Survey reports that Violent Crime has fallen by 20%, criminal damage fell by 17% and theft offences decreased by 10% when compared with the previous year.

Police recorded Crimes are crimes that have been brought to the attention of the police and have been formally processed. According to Police Recorded Crime Statistics, there has been no overall change from the previous year. This could be because of the 7% increase in Police Recorded shoplifting offences as well as an increase in offences of Fraud (17%). Sometimes considered 'victimless crimes', these crimes would not be represented as much in the Crime Survey (which we know is completed by Victims). Finally, police recorded sexual offences also saw a rise of 20% from the previous year, which is believed to be an outcome of Operation Yewtree (Jimmy Savile inquiry).

For more information and updated Crime Statistics, please visit the Office for National Statistics by clicking HERE 
A. Neaverson

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